6 Pack Challenge

March 19, 2017

6-Pack: start and finish the race tethered as a team of 6!

Why?  Well, why not! We will give each person on the team a 6 pack of Natty Greene’s Beer for the fastest team and the best costume. Heck win both and you’re drinking 12 beers!

6-Pack Rules

Here’s the low down on all the rules

  • Each 6-pack must consist of 6 runners. Teams must be tethered together with any material that’s appropriate. However, try to keep it light, flexible and well-ventilated.
  • You may want to allow at least four feet between individual leg segments (but not more than 8)
  • Runners are responsible for providing their own method for being tethered together.
  • Each runner must register individually.
  • During the entire competition, all required body segments must be present in the 6-pack All 6-pack members must start together as a team, at the start line, as well as cross the finish line with connection intact.

It can be easy easy as tying a rope around your waste but how boring is that.  Get creative people!

Award for the FASTEST TIME and BEST COSTUME!!!!